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Todd Layne Cleaners Will Prevent Garment Damage

Ever wonder how to make your clothes last longer? Spending a lot on clothing that fades and frays quickly is a bummer. Learn how to increase your garments’ longevity with these tips:

  1. Keep washer and dryer tem peratures low. High temperatures can ruin the elastic in fabrics and waistbands and cause colors to lift prematurely. At Todd Layne Cleaners, you can customize your washer and dryer temperatures.
  2. When you can, let your clothes dry on hangers overnight. We offer a convenient Hang Dry Options for Wash & Fold orders.
  3. The less friction, the better. Ask us for our low-tumble option to reduce the wear and tear your garments suffer.
  4. Always dry clean delicate fabrics like silk. We offer gentle, Eco-Friendly dry cleaning with exceptional stain removal, color retention, and no chemical smell.
  5. Never iron your clothes (especially on hot). Irons will damage all synthetic fibers. Instead, use a steamer to remove wrinkles. At Todd Layne Cleaners, we always use gentle steam pressing to give your items a professional look and feel.

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