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Baby and Toddler Organic Laundry at Todd Layne Cleaners

Baby and Toddler Organic Laundry is available at Todd Layne Cleaners in NYC. We also offer and Organic Laundry Service for adults . Background We have extensive experience with delicate baby clothing, and are trusted by hospitals. The Lenox Hill Neonatal Unit has used...

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Which is the best Laundry App in NYC?

Background Where is the best Laundry App in NYC? Todd Layne Cleaners will discuss some of the pros and cons of the currently available laundry and dry cleaning services with an app. It's a little like the wild wild west in the market right now and it is prudent to do...

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Why do my clothes shrink from the Laundromat?

Shrinkage Why do my clothes shrink? There are many reasons that clothes shrink when you get them back from your local laundry service or Laundromat. While many people think that shrinkage can only occur in the dryer, there are many items that can shrink just from the...

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FAQ for Todd Layne Cleaners Services

An American Express Favorite, family owned and operated since 2006. Todd Layne Cleaners would like to answer the most commonly asked questions (FAQ) here for your convenience... What are your pickup and delivery hours? Pickup and Delivery hours are as follows. Choose...

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Barbour Wax Jacket Reproofing

      Barbour Wax Jacket Reproofing Barbour wax jacket reproofing and restoration is now available at Todd Layne Cleaners. Trust us, we have been working with Barbour jackets since we opened in 2006. Regular Barbour wax jacket re-proofing is essential to weatherproof...

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About Todd Layne Cleaners, est. 2006

When I passed by two empty storefronts on 77th Street in early 2006, it occurred to me that there was a definite need for Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning and customized Laundry offerings. It also never made sense to me that Dry Cleaners were not open late or on Sundays. I...

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Todd Layne Cleaners and OnWheels Delivery Service

Todd Layne Cleaners and OnWheels Delivery Service

Todd Layne Cleaners is pleased to announce a partnership with OnWheels Delivery Service. OnWheels provides delivery service to small and large companies. Their goal is to help businesses to reduce their delivery costs, while supplying an array of delivery methods to...

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