The Jacket Wax Re-Proofing Process

We offer a complete wax re-proofing service for authentic brands and other jackets with a similar wax cotton or regular cotton material. Regular re-proofing is essential to maintain the look and feel of your jacket. Since 2006, this process has been done entirely in our store by trained staff. Feel comfortable using us for this service. We use authentic wax thornproof dressing and follow all of the appropriate steps to restore your jacket to its original condition. Performing this service on a regular basis keeps your jacket weather resistant.


The Jacket Re-Waxing Process Described

Our process starts out with a tin of authentic wax thornproof dressing. We place the tin in hot water to soften the dressing. One of our trained personnel then works the dressing into your jacket with a special cloth, one section at a time. The amount of time that it takes to complete this part of the process is approximately three hours. After completing this step, we use a hair dryer to create a factory finish. We then hang the jacket in a warm room for 24 hours before packaging and getting ready for pickup. Performing this service on a regular basis keeps your wax cotton jacket weather resistant!


Price for Jacket Waxing Service

The cost for a standard length jacket is $109. Some jackets that are dry or have never been waxed require two coats of wax; the additional charge is $55. We do not offer additional discounts of any kind on this service, although using the online link below will give you a $10 credit towards one of our other services in the future.


Odor and Germ Removal Service for Wax Cotton Jackets

These jackets cannot be washed or dry cleaned and can develop an odor over time, especially if stored for a long period of time. We can use a UV-C Verilux wand to deodorize and kill 99.95 of germs, viruses, bacteria and allergens. Pricing for this service is $29. For additional information about this service, please email our concierge at [email protected].


Tailoring/Repairs for Wax Cotton Jackets

We also offer a tailoring service to repair holes, pockets and cuffs. Our seamstress can also lengthen/shorten sleeves and other adjustments.


Older Wax-Cotton Jacket Restoration

We also have experience restoring older authentic Jackets from the 1940’s and 50’s. Call or text us at 646.661.4777 for additional information.


Re-Proofing Wax Service Outside NYC

If you live outside of our service area, you can send your wax cotton jacket to us for reproofing service. Our address is 242 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075. We will send it back to you for approximately $30 within the Continental US. Packaging and handling are complimentary. For additional information about shipping, please text 646.661.4777 or send an email to our concierge at [email protected].


Cotton Jackets that have never been Waxed

We also can wax and reproof cotton jackets that have never been waxed.  This process takes many hours but customers are always thrilled with the results. Text us with any questions at 646.661.4777.


Reproofing Waterproof Service for Burberry Trench Coats

We can also reproof Burberry Trench Coats that need to restore their waterproof qualities. This service starts at $49. Text us with any questions at 646.661.4777.


Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is approximately one to two weeks. Rush service is available for an additional $10.


Our Retail Storefront

Our store is located at 242 East 77th Street on the Upper East Side in NYC. You can drop off your jacket if you like…or stop in to see our operation and say hi.



We understand that you might have questions about this service. Please call or text 646.661.4777 and one of our trained professionals will quickly respond.

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