Fashion Styling now offered by Todd Layne

As an added service to our customer’s, we are proud to announce a new partnership with leading Fashion Stylist Amanda Monin. If you want to improve your personal look, style and confidence, Amanda is the person for you to consult with.

How our Stylist can Help You

  • Amanda will have a conversation with you about your specific personal styling needs.
  • Amanda will work with you to create a detailed styling plan that incorporates your unique preferences and goals
  • Utilizing her contacts and relationships with specific brands and understanding of cut, fabric and fit, garments will be sourced for your approval. Clients will receive a truly unique experience.

About Amanda

Amanda Monin is a fashion stylist native to New York, working to integrate style and wellness into her life and the lives of others. Amanda finds daily inspiration consistently through her love of fashion and the arts. As a musical prodigy attending the Manhattan School of Music as a child, followed by The New School, she later went on to further her skills at Sotheby’s Institute. Ms. Monin has been inspired by aesthetics early in life by her Grandmother, who she describes as the quintessential Madison Avenue woman. Together, they loved going to the MET, learning about vintage jewelry, and understanding the importance of not wearing logos by letting luxury speak for itself. Always ahead of her time, Amanda is single and lives in the West Village in Manhattan, and is currently seeing private clients while collaborating with brands. She recently was a part of a panel discussion with Theory clothing. Amanda embraces being different and marching to her own drummer. She is a woman of understated style and is a student of the less is more philosophy, constantly trying to instill that in the lives of her clients. As a celebrity stylist, Ms. Monin has worked with notable brands such as Erickson Beamon, Lunya, Theory, and the Lanby, in addition to many notable figures in the business and entertainment world.

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