Are you worried about damaging your expensive gym gear with sweat stains?

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Our Secret Key to getting your gym clothes from smelly to fresh…

That smelly person in the gym next to you made your clothes smell?…we can blame it on them. and also worried about how dirty the actual item of clothing is?

This is why we offer a Lysol Sanitizer for Odor, Virus and Bacteria Removal to add to your wash with no additional cost! Our Lysol Laundry Sanitizer also kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and contains no bleach at all. This is not all we offer, as there are other odor removal options too. One of these is something you might find under your kitchen sink! Vinegar is a great way to remove stains in a natural way.

Don’t be nervous that we will ruin your favorite Lululemon top…and here’s why

First. Our unique Air drying is what we use for Gym clothing and any delicates. This means your clothes will be coming out of the wash and put in a specially calibrated dryer with just dehumidified air and no heat.

Second. Because dryers are known to shrink clothes, at TLC we have all of our dryers configured at lower temperatures than any other laundromats. Having the dryers on a high temperature can ruin clothing but it is faster and cost effective, which is why other laundromats do this. We take each piece of clothing with extreme care, including non-delicate garments.

Third. All your belongings will be returned to you dry, on hangers or folded, whichever you prefer and ready to be worn again. You can be the cleanest one in the gym with your delicate clothing looking like new!

Is the gym already too much work? We will Wash and Fold those Clothes ready to put away and wear!

Our unique and Customized Laundry service is unlike any other laundromat in NYC. We have a laundry menu of free add-ons including detergents, stain fighters, fabric protector and scent boosters.

All your special requests are welcome when customizing your laundry exactly the way you want. This can be done because we wash and dry your clothing in our own storefront on the Upper East Side of New York City, come check us out at 242 and 244 E 77th Street.

Bring in your smelly gym clothes! We wont judge you, but the people at the gym might if you continue to wash them the way you do…


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