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As customers’ needs are evolving, we are adapting our methods to better suit them. Although many of our patrons are happily sticking to our eco-friendly dry cleaning services, the younger generations are shifting toward using us primarily for our convenient and highly customizable Wash and Fold. “For a business to stay relevant and successful, it must always be thinking about the customer’s needs, exceptional service and what they may want next,” owner Todd Ofsink explains. For millennials, who value speed and convenience more than previous generations, this means choosing us to pick up and deliver their Wash and Fold. “Time is of the essence and our customer’s lives are becoming busier and busier,” says Todd.

Not only do we offer free pickup and delivery, but customers can request same day service to fit their schedule. For added convenience, we are open on Sundays, unlike most Dry Cleaners, as well as late on Wednesdays. And at Todd Layne Cleaners, you can trust that we will never throw your laundry in a mesh bag with other customers’ garments. Yuck! All of your laundry is handled and washed right on premises, so you can rest assured that your clothing is being cared for by our trained and experienced staff.

We are committed to serving you at your convenience. You can choose from our options of premium detergent, fabric softener, stain fighter, color booster, and scent booster- All without extra charge! You can also select your water and dryer temperature and request hang dries for your delicate items. Other special requests? No problem, just ask! Come in for laundry your way at Todd Layne Cleaners!

— Victoria (Creative Director)

Todd Layne Cleaners Coin Laundromat Upper East Side

Todd Layne Cleaners, the affordable Green Dry cleaner and Premium Wash & Fold specialist, is located at 242 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075, serving the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Free Pickup and Delivery…open Sunday.