Which is the best Laundry App in NYC?

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Where is the best online Laundry website in NYC? Todd Layne Cleaners will discuss some of the pros and cons of the currently available laundry and dry cleaning services with a website ordering tool. It’s a little like the wild wild west in the market right now and it is prudent to do some careful checking. While an app can be very cool, it is also important to know if the company has a physical storefront and whether they have there own laundry facility. Most of the NYC laundry companies with apps don’t have a storefront or their own laundry facility, but rather are just middlemen that outsource your laundry and dry cleaning. In the case of a missing item or other issue, you may be out of luck. Many of the NYC laundry and dry cleaning companies also are new and haven’t yet established trust in the community.

Do they have a Physical Storefront in NYC?

While this may not seem like such an issue, it is important to recognize that many companies with a laundry app are just middlemen and outsource your laundry to a large laundry wholesale plant in Queens. In the plant, they mix your clothes in the same machine as other customers (more about that later on.) In the case of a missing item or any other type of issue, it is helpful to know that you can go to a storefront and talk to someone in NYC. The storefront conveys a certain level of trust.

Do they have their own Laundromat and Laundry Facility?

This is probably the most important thing for you to consider. Keep in mind that you are giving out your clothes, therefore it makes sense to know where your clothes are going. This is important to consider not only for laundry companies with apps, but any company that offers a laundry and dry cleaners service. Always make sure that they have a laundry facility and are in control of the process.

Here’s where your clothes are going…

As previously mentioned, most companies with laundry apps don’t have their own Laundromat or Laundry facility. The first issue is that when a company with an app is only acting as the middleman, your clothes are going to a commercial laundry plant in Queens or Brooklyn. In this type of situation, clothing is placed in large mesh bags and washed in the same machine with other customers clothing. We know, its gross but that’s how its done. New Yorkers are savvy enough to know that you get what you pay for. Besides the fact that your clothes are probably not being cleaned properly, these commercial laundry plants have industrial strength dryers that can very likely shrink your garments. Special requests like hang and air drying are also probably not an option.

How much do they charge?

Generally speaking, if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it is. New Yorkers are savvy enough to know that you get what you pay for. If the price per pound is low, your laundry is most likely going to be mixed with other customers clothing and sent to one of the commercial laundry facilities discussed above. Also, many laundry companies have very large minimums, meaning that you will end up paying more than the quoted per pound rate. So again, the app is cool but there are some other factors to consider here.

What about Special Requests?

Does the laundry app handle special requests? Some of the more important items to think about are a choice of detergent, fabric protector, stain fighter and color/scent booster. The ability to select water/dryer temperature and the option to choose how you want your clothes folded are also nice features.

Do they offer hang and air drying?

To prevent shrinkage and discoloration, Hang and Air Drying are very popular options for delicates and expensive gym clothes. Hang Dry garments are washed separately and returned back damp on hangers. Air Drying is a relatively new service where garments are washed separately and placed in a specially calibrated dryer that uses air and no heat. These garments are returned back dry on hangers.

Most companies with laundry apps will accommodate a small number of hang dry items. However, air drying is new and most do not have this option.

Do they offer Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning?

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning is better for you and for the environment. Garments don’t have a chemical smell, maintain their color and will have a longer lifespan. Also, it is common in the industry to use hot irons to press garments. Gentle steam is always better.

How long has the Laundry company been in business?

Trust is a very important factor in the laundry business. If the company has a cool app but hasn’t been around for very long, it is an important factor to take into consideration. Also, read the testimonials on their website and on trusted sites like Google. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs also has information related to all laundry companies in NYC.

How do they handle disputes?

Especially if the laundry company only operates with an app and no physical storefronts, check their website to see how they handle disputes. This information is generally found in their terms and conditions. The most important thing to find out is their policy on lost and damaged laundry.


The best laundry app in NYC is really more related to the type of service that they provide and not the app itself. Make sure that the app has the basic essentials like storing your preferences and the ability to schedule pickups and deliveries. A physical storefront and on-premise Laundromat and Laundry facility are essential to clean clothes. Make sure that your garments are not being outsourced and that the Laundry app is not just a middleman.

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