Where is there a Cheap Dry Cleaner in the Upper East Side, NYC?

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While Todd Layne Cleaners may not have the cheapest dry cleaning in NYC we certainly are competitive and affordable.

Todd Layne Cleaners combines the best quality service with the best value for all your garment needs. Our services include Premium Wash & Fold, Eco-Friendly Green Dry Cleaning, and Expert Dress Shirt Laundering. We also specialize in Tailoring, Leather Cleaning & Repair, Fur Cleaning & Repair, Shoe Cleaning & Repair, and Barbour Jacket Restorations.

Our Wash & Fold service is certainly unique in the sense that we honor ALL special requests such as water temperature, dryer temperature, and choice of premium soap such as Tide and the Eco-Friendly, Hypo-Allergenic 7th Generation. We can even accommodate certain requests such as Hang Dry and Delicate Wash Cycles. Most importantly, we never mix your garments in the same machine as other people’s dirty laundry. In case you’re wondering how other places do this; they put your garments in a mesh bag, tie the top, and wash it in the same machine with other customer’s dirty clothes. Don’t even ask about the soap that they use.

As for our Eco-Friendly Green Dry Cleaning, we are testing a new special cleaning process called Gen-X that is bio-degradable as well as hypo-allergenic. Your clothes will actually last longer over time due to the fact that this process doesn’t wear away color but actually preserves it. There’s also no chemical smell left on your clothes. Not bad for a Premium Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner, right?

Do you wear a lot of dress shirts that need expert cleaning and pressing? No problem! Our Laundered Shirt service definitely sets the Professional Standard in the Garment Care Industry. We ALWAYS pre-treat the collars and the cuffs of every shirt before washing them in Natural Soaps and hand-pressing them with your choice of starch. We’ll even add complimentary collar stays and cuff studs to your shirts to keep them looking sharp!

Did Murphy’s Law get the best of your favorite garment and leave a small tear? No problem! Can we fix a tear along the seam of a much loved skirt? Of course! How about hem a brand new pair of jeans an inch or two? Consider it done! Here at Todd Layne Cleaners we have tailoring specialists that can help with all your tailoring needs! Whether it be alterations or repairs, Todd Layne Cleaners can help with that!

Got any Leather, Suede, or Fur that needs cleaning or repair? Bring it into our store and we’ll take care of it. Anything from tears to restorations we can most definitely solve any and all issues that needs taking care of.  We use the premier leather restoration company in the Tri-State area, in business since 1919.

Wear out a much loved pair of shoes? Todd Layne Cleaners can make them good as new again with our shoe specialists. Anything from a simple cleaning to a heel or sole replacement is no problem for us. Just say the word and your wish is our command!

Got an old Barbour Jacket that you want restored to its former glory? Sure why not? The experts here at Todd Layne Cleaners will clean and waterproof the jacket so that it’s good as new.

Todd Layne Cleaners is your one-stop place for all your garment care needs. Feel free to stop by and inquire more about our services. We’ll always be happy to help you in the best way we can.

If I still haven’t been able to convince you to use our services, here is a list of questions you should ask other perspective cleaners:

  • Do they have the required insurance in the event of a claim for damage?
  • Do they have staff that are trained in proper stain removal techniques?
  • Do they employ a Spotter in their plant to remove the more difficult stains?
  • Do they change the filters and solutions in their equipment on a regular basis?
  • Do they use hot irons in their plant, which is faster but leave a shiny finish on your garments?
  • Do they scrub cuffs and collars on laundered shirts?
  • Do they use quality soaps and conditioners to clean their laundered shirts?
  • Do they mix different customer’s clothing in the same washing machine with their wash and fold process?

If you’re still reading, you probably get the idea that there are very clear differences when using a reputable cleaner. We also have a comparison of our prices, check out how we compare with our major competitors.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about our services or anything else at [email protected].

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