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Todd Layne Cleaners, Upper East Side, NYC, NY, 10021 can help you choose the right water temperature for your laundry. Hot? Warm? Cold?  Decisions, decisions. The most important thing when deciding on a water temperature is to read the washing instructions, but here is a general guideline for when to use what temperature. Here are some pros and cons of using different water temperatures when doing laundry.

Hot Water

  • Pros: Cleans heavy soil, sanitizes linens infected with bacteria or fungus, kills insects
  • Good For: Whites, bath towels, sheets and other bedding; heavily soiled or sweaty garments, oily stains
  • Cons: Can fade colors, sets protein stains and shrinks some fabrics

Warm Water

  • Pros: Helps to dissolve powdered detergents, more energy saving than hot water
  • Good For: Dark colors; washable synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, spandex and rayon blends; moderately soiled clothes
  • Cons: Can fade some colors, does not sanitize fabrics, cannot remove some heavy soils and stains

Cold Water

  • Pros: Most energy efficient water temperature, less likely to shrink items or fade them, acceptable for any washable fabric
  • Good For: Dark and bright-colored clothes; delicate fabrics; any item that you think the dye may run or bleed; clothes that are lightly soiled.
  • Cons: Less efficient for removing stains; will not sanitize clothes.

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