Todd Layne Cleaners Stain Removal Tip – Hosting a Wine & Cheese Party – “White Wine” Stain

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Hosting a wine and cheese party? Get the conversation started with these fun facts about wine from ultimate wine educator Kevin Zraly. It can’t hurt to also be knowledgeable about how to get those tough wine stains out, just in case your guest’s get a little too rowdy.

Fun fact:

Cork vs. Screw

Move over, cork, and make way for screw caps. Today, screw caps are replacing corks on more than just inexpensive bottles. Currently, screw caps seal 75 percent of Australian wines and 93 percent of New Zealand wines, and they’re gaining popularity in all countries, including here in the U.S.

To Age or Not to Age?

It is a common misconception that all wines improve with age. In fact, more than 90 percent of all wines should be consumed within one year. The three major collectibles that should age more than 10 years are: a great Châteaux of Bordeaux, the best producers of California Cabernet Sauvignon, and the finest producers of vintage port.

U.S. Faves from Abroad

The top three imported wines sold in the U.S. are Yellowtail (Australia), Cavit (Italy), and Concha y Toro (Chile).

The U.S.’s Top Producers

In 2008, the top five wine-producing states in the U.S. were California (3.4 million tons of grapes crushed for wine), Washington (145,000 tons), New York (45,000 tons), Oregon (40,000 tons), and Pennsylvania (13,200 tons).

White Wine stain removal: Flush the stain with cold water, and spray with the diluted dishwashing-soap mixture. Treat the area with an enzyme detergent, and then wash.

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