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Todd Layne Cleaners offers garment care and stain removal tips for winter clothing…

Welcome Spring!  Looks like it’s time to put away all those sweaters, coats, gloves, and hats~

What’s the easiest thing to do?  Throw them all in some container and forget about it… But not the best idea~~

So what should you do?

  1. Clean all items thoroughly.  (We can help with that)
  2. Do NOT use containers or bags that will not allow clothing to breathe (such as plastic or nylon bags)
  3. If you use mothballs, make sure you wrap them so that they are not in direct contact with your clothing.  For example, wrap them in newspaper.  Cedar or lavender are great alternatives.
  4. Most clothing will store better when folded.  If clothing must be hung, make sure you use well-shaped hangers and let them to flow freely.
  5. Make sure your storage area is clean and dry.  Avoid direct sunlight.
  6. Boots and other shoes should be stuffed to maintain shape.

Todd Layne Cleaners is located on the Upper East Side, NYC, New York, NY and serves area codes 10075, 10021, 10022, 10065, 10028 and 10128.  We are happy to provide these great garment tips for you, but please note we are not responsible for any damaged clothes. We offer these tips as a suggestion, so kindly use at your own discretion.