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Free Pickup & Delivery

Free pickup & delivery available for the entire Upper East Side in NYC from 59th Street to 110th Street. Fee applies without 24 hrs notice.

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"Laundry Your Way" at our Laundromat

Fully customize your wash at our Laundromat, everything from soap choices, dryer temperature, hang drying, scent booster and more!

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Better for your clothes and better for you too, our eco-friendly dry cleaning gets rid of stains while leaving no chemical odor.

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Leather, Wedding Dress, Canada Goose

Our specialists are known for their high-quality craftsmanship in cleaning  and preserving fine garments since 1908.

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Tailoring & Alterations

Look and feel great in your clothes with full tailoring and alteration services including hems, weaving, linings and zipper repairs.

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Barbour Jacket Reproofing

We use Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing and follow all of the appropriate steps to restore your jacket to its original condition.

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Bag & Luggage Storage

Whether you are traveling or having a night on the town, we offer convenient and safe storage for your bags and luggage.

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Wholesale Laundry & Dry Cleaning For Businesses

Dry Cleaning and Laundering Services for Hair Salons, Spas, Restaurants and more.

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Delivery Customers Mention at time of request for pickup

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Pricing – Transparent with no gimmicks

We provide unique customized laundry options, eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundering options for the home, Barbour jacket waxing and the safest cleaning process for Canada Goose, Moncler and Mackage jackets. Our pricing is competitive but we don’t price match. 


Shirt Laundering

Shirt (Laundered) on Hanger – Wash/Press with Gentle Steam $4.2

Shirt (Laundered) in Box – Wash/Press with Gentle Steam $4.8

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Tops

Shirt  $12.5

Blouse $12.5

Top  $12.5

Sweater $12.5

Cashmere Sweater $13.5

Silk Sweater $13.5

Long Sweater $19

Leather Shirt $69

Suede Shirt $69

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Bottoms

Pants  $12.5

Skirt $12.5

Pleated Skirt $24

Suede Pants $69

Suede Skirt $69

Leather Pants $69

Leather Skirt $69

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Suits

Jacket/Blazer $13.5

2 Piece Suit $21

Tuxedo  $28

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Dresses

Dress $21

Silk Dress $25

Pleated Dress $38

Wedding Dress* $400 – $1250

*Prices based on size and material, ask counter person for additional information.

Customized Laundry

Laundry (min. charge 10 pounds) $2.55/lb 

Choice of Premium Detergent FREE

Stain Fighter and Color Booster FREE

Fabric Protector and Wrinkle Reducer FREE

Infused Scent Booster FREE

Lysol Sanitizer for odors/bacteria FREE

Oxi-Power Pre-Treat Stains FREE

Extra Wash & Rinse Cycles FREE

Choice of Water Temperature FREE

Choice of Dryer Temperature FREE

Choice of Fold Method FREE

Loyalty Program for Free Laundry FREE

Separate Machines for Lights and Darks $3

Hang Dry (per item) for gym clothes & delicates 59¢

Air Dry (per item) for gym clothes & delicates 59¢

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Accessories

Tie $12.5

Scarf $13.5

Long Scarf or Shawl $22

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Outerwear

Short Coat or Jacket $28

Rain Jacket $33

Long Coat/Jacket $33

Winter coat $33

Down Coat $42

Canada Goose, Mackage, Moncler* $99  – $129

Leather or Suede Jacket* $99 – $209

Barbour Jacket Reproofing* $95  – $155

*Prices based on size and material, ask counter person for additional information.

Laundering for Home

Sheets – Wash and Press $23

Duvet Cover – Wash and Press $35

Pillowcase – Wash and Press $8

Pillow Sham – Wash and Press $9

Mattress Pads – Wash and Sanitize $23

Heavy Duvet Cover – Wash and Sanitize $26

Blankets – Wash and Sanitize* $10– $50

Comforters – Wash and Sanitize* $30 – $60

Bathroom Rugs – Wash and Sanitize* $5 – $25

Pillow Tops – Wash and Sanitize $75

Tablecloth $30

Down or Regular Comforter $85

Blankets – Wash and Sanitize* $15 – $55

Area Rugs* $70 – $1250

*Prices based on size and material, ask counter person for additional information.
Discounts are not available on Wedding Dress cleaning,  Barbour Reproofing, Canada Goose/ specialty down coats and Tailoring. No exceptions…yes that means that you cannot use any type of discount with these specific services 🙂

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