Todd Layne Cleaners Answers the Question of the Century…Does Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning Really Work?

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NYC Upper East Side Cleaner, Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat, answers the question of the century…does Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning really work? In fact, it works just as well or better than traditional dry cleaning. It provides exceptional stain removal, no chemical smell, brighter and more vibrant coloring and is delicate on your garments. It’s better for the environment and for you.

Most dry cleaners use one method of cleaning, normally with a cleaning agent called Perc. This type of cleaning is easy for the dry cleaner because all garments can be cleaned with the same process. For Green Cleaning, it’s a bit more complicated. Based on the type of garment, there are different cleaning processes that can be used. Think of a dry cleaning machine as a large, very expensive and more technically-savvy washing machine. Instead of using water (we will discuss Wet-Cleaning in a future blog, as not to complicate things), a different cleaning solution is substituted. Humidity levels are closely monitored and additional softeners and stain-removing agents are added.

Garments are carefully dried to prevent shrinkage (which nobody likes) and then delicately steamed (at least that’s what we do) to make it look nice for you to wear.

For additional information about this process, send an email to [email protected] or ask us on Facebook. Thanks for reading.

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