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Todd Layne Cleaners is pleased to announce a partnership with OnWheels Delivery Service. OnWheels provides delivery service to small and large companies. Their goal is to help businesses to reduce their delivery costs, while supplying an array of delivery methods to increase speed and efficiency. Depending upon a particular delivery, they utilize vans, motorcycles, bicycle or “feet” for local stops.

The minimum wage increase in New York City has made it extremely difficult for small businesses to remain competitive, while resisting the urge to raise prices. A solution like OnWheels allows for the delivery function to be outsourced for a fixed weekly amount. It also offers the additional convenience of providing pickups and deliveries during times that are not currently available and the option to expand beyond the existing delivery radius.

Conveniently located on the Upper East Side at 242 East 77th Street and open seven days a week, Todd Layne welcomes OnWheels and looks forward to offering customers more convenient service to make their lives a little bit easier. To learn more about OnWheels, please visit their website,