The Wash and Fold Process explained by Todd Layne Cleaners

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Our Wash and Fold laundry service is not only about putting your clothes through washers/dryers and flipping on the switch. The main reason why we opened our doors in the first place was to offer a different and exceptional kind of Wash and Fold service to the public.

For example, you might not be aware that most cleaners in Manhattan that offer wash and fold service actually process clothes in a factory in Queens or Brooklyn using large, high-capacity washing machines. While you might not see this as an issue immediately, here is the problem: Your clothes are actually put inside mesh bags and washed in the same machine with other people’s dirty clothes! Moreover, these industrial-sized machines perform only a mediocre job cleaning your clothes.

On the contrary, the Todd Layne Cleaners laundromat facility is located on the Upper East Side and is equipped with brand new Speed Queen washers and dryers. These state-of-the-art machines are computer controlled for longer, more effective wash cycles and temperature controlled for drying that won’t damage or shrink your clothes. We will never put your clothes in mesh bags, nor will we ever mix your clothes with that of other customers. This not only prevents effective cleaning, but is unsanitary from our perspective.

For our Wash and Fold service, we use only the finest detergents, fabric softener, and color-safe bleach. You have a choice of several premium detergents, including Tide and Seventh Generation natural soap. There is no extra charge for fabric softener and we honor special requests including hang dry, delicate cycle, low heat settings, and separate washes. Lastly, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

If you have ever been reluctant to try wash and fold before, we’re certain you will be impressed by the great care and attention we give to your garments.

To make it less complicated for you to make the switch to Todd Layne Cleaners, here are some bullets:

• Our promise never to mix your clothing in the same machine with other client’s clothing…that’s how it’s done in other laundry facilities.

• Only high quality detergents and softeners, like Tide, Gain, Seventh Generation and Downy Infusions. Click here for our menu of soaps, softeners and extra’s.

• Clothes washed with extra wash and rinse cycles

• Special requests welcome; hang drying, air drying, water/dryer temperature, and fold method

• All laundry done on premises

• Clothes dried in computer-controlled dryers to prevent shrinkage

• Same Day Service available

• Ask for a TLC Loyalty Card and get one wash and fold order free (max. 20 lbs) after doing ten washes with us

• Free Pickup and Delivery throughout the Upper East Side seven days a week

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