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Not everyone uses ballpoint ink pens; some prefer to use felt-tip so if this is the case and you get that pesky ink stain this is how to fix it.

Felt-tip ink stain removal: Build a “dam” around the stain with mineral or petroleum jelly. Test the ink with a cotton swab saturated with water and another one saturated with isopropyl alcohol to determine whether the ink is oil-based (ballpoint ink) or water-based. Whichever solvent pulls more pigment out of the stain is the one that should be used. If isopropyl alcohol is more effective, follow the steps for ballpoint ink stains (previous blog post). If water is more effective, spray the stain with the diluted dishwashing soap, and flush with cold water. Always work within the confines of the dam.

Todd Layne Cleaners is happy to provide these great tips for you, but please note we are not responsible for any damaged clothes. We offer these tips as a suggestion, so please use at your own discretion.