Owner of TLC speaks with American Drycleaner – Be Unforgettable to Clients at the Front Counter

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Owner of Todd Layne Cleaners speaks with American Drycleaner – Be Unforgettable to Clients at the Front Counter

Todd Layne Cleaners- Unforgettable Service

Owner of Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat, Todd Ofsink, speaks with American Drycleaner about the coaching, collaboration and teamwork that helps to create an unforgettable front counter team. To nurture that customer-first mentality,  Todd says it’s sort of like being a parent. He’s looking for that caring, special person who can shine at the front counter.

How to provide the Best Customer Service

Todd begins by sharing that TLC takes an innovative and differentiated approach to their customer service. A good problem solver, someone who is reliable and has a good background in customer service are just three of the many qualities he believes are important in anyone he wants to represent TLC.

Implementing the Customer-First Approach

Outside of his business, where he is a customer, Todd values when there is a connection between himself and the employees, making it a more pleasurable experience wherever he goes. He brings that to his own business by making all customers his first priority, right when they walk through that front door or connect on the website, making it an enjoyable experience for them, just as he would want!

TLC is located at 242 and 244 East 77th Street on the Upper East Side with free pickup and delivery throughout NYC.

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