On the Go Stain Removal Guide

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On-the-Go Stain Removal Guide

We know the frustration one little stain can cause…but whatever the stain is, we can help!

A little drunk and trying to find an easy way to remove that wine stain? Spilled your coffee and don’t want to walk into work with that embarrassing stain? Out to dinner and grease got on your new shirt that you told yourself you shouldn’t have worn?

Replace what you would usually do when getting a stain…

1.Something spills

2.With much anger and urgency you try to remove the stain with whatever is around you

3.Your method does not work, so you search on the Internet for some advice

…with this simple advice

1.DO NOT panic

2.DO NOT rub or blot the stain

3.DO NOT wait too long… not even to get another drink

Quick and easy way to remove a stain:

1.Find a white napkin…or clean paper towels (maybe even toilet paper)

2.Find a glass of water or seltzer

3.Wet the napkin (or paper towels)

4.Gently pinch the area of this stain, this makes the stain transfer from your garment to the napkin

5.Continue pinching and turning the napkin until the stain is removed.

What if the stain is still visible?

If the stain is not removed or if it is still somewhat visible, we would recommend that you bring it to a trusted Dry Cleaning professional for the best result. A Dry Cleaner generally employs a Spotter who’s job is to remove stains before the cleaning process. This ensures that the stain will be removed.


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