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Take a look at our new laundry menu with customized options like hang/air drying at Todd Layne Cleaners. All of our products are complimentary, the only additional charges are to separate whites and a per item cost for hang/air dried garments.

  • CLEAN – Choose from several premium detergents with hypoallergenic options
  • FIGHT STAINS – Choose from several premium products for additional stain removal and color booster
  • PROTECT – Choose from several premium products to strengthen fibers, reduce stretching and fight wrinkles
  • FRESHEN – Choose from several premium products to boost the scent in your laundry

We offer several additional options to further customize your laundry…kind of like how your mom used to (or maybe better ūüôā

  • HANG/AIR DRYING – Let us help you with your gym clothes and delicates with choice of hang or air drying option.¬† Hang dry items are washed on delicate and returned back to you damp on hangers. Air Dry items are washed on delicate and dried only with air in a specially calibrated machine in our laundry facility. These items are returned back to you dry on hangers. The cost per item is 29 cents and there is no limit as to the number of items that you can give us.
  • PRE-TREAT STAINS – Separate the items in your laundry from a rough night out or messy dinner and we will pre-treat them with Oxi-Spray before the wash process.
  • SEPARATE WASHER FOR WHITES AND DARKS – Let us temporarily separate your whites and darks for an extra special cleaning.
  • CHOOSE YOUR WATER TEMPERATURE – For those that separate whites and darks, choose temperatures for both…delicate, cold, warm or hot.
  • CHOOSE YOUR DRYER TEMPERATURE – Choose between delicate, low, medium and high. Beware of high, it’s a little hot and can possibily shrink some of your clothes.
  • CHOOSE YOUR FOLD METHOD – Like your socks folded or placed flat? Whatever you like, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your request. No, we don’t fold clothes into the shapes of animals or anything else ūüôā
  • ANYTHING WE MISSED – Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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