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Todd Layne Cleaners Stain Removal Tip for Mucky Mud Stain…

Remember when you were a kid and all you did was play in mud and how much that angered your mother. I don’t know about you but I sure do miss those days. Most of the time kids are the biggest culprits of this (fun) offense, so if you are a parent or just someone who likes playing in mud (no judgments) keep reading, you might benefit from this “how to” on removing mud stains.

Mud stain removal: If the stain is a combination of mud and grass, treat the grass stain first. Shake or scrape off residue; pre-treat stain with the diluted dishwashing-soap mixture, and soak. Then treat with an enzyme detergent.

Grass stain removal: Treat area with a dry solvent in a well-ventilated room. Press with cheesecloth; tamp (to force in or down by repeated, rather light, strokes) with a soft-bristled brush. Repeat to remove as much pigment as possible.  Flush area with isopropyl alcohol, tamp, and let dry. Treat area with an enzyme detergent; wash.

Todd Layne Cleaners is happy to provide these great tips for you, but please note we are not responsible for any damaged clothes. We offer these tips as a suggestion, so please use at your own discretion.

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