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Todd Layne Cleaners is moving on with the times and bringing green dry cleaning to a whole new level! It pleases me to announce that Todd Layne Cleaners is redesigning how we take in new pick up and drop off requests. Due to the success of our pick up/drop off request form on our website, we have decided (by popular demand) to develop a shiny new mobile app for iOS and Android!

I myself am an old school kind of guy. Todd himself always compliments me with the statement, “You were born in the wrong generation when it comes to a lot of things.” I still prefer old school phone calls to modern day email and text messages, but with the dry cleaning business growing so fast, and our methods of accommodating all the pick up and drop off requests being more than just efficient, I believe that it’s time for us to step up our game up just a little more.

This new app that we’re releasing will make it easier, or even “Seamless” if you will, to request a pick up or drop off and even give you a quick reference of our store hours and contact information. Best part, there’s a quick reference guide to our prices and services too!

In addition to releasing this app, we have also taken it upon ourselves to redesign our beautiful website to accommodate a more “mobile-friendly” as well as “user-friendly” experience. This will work tandem with our new app as well.

Excited? You should be. We’re not your every day kind of dry cleaner and Yours Truly has been working closely with developers and web page designers to come up with the best working mobile app and website possible for you. I will keep updating this blog as things progress closer to the release date.

As always if you have any comments, questions or suggestions on a new blog, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!



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