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Laundry Service in NYC – What to Know

Laundry Service in NYC – What to Know. It’s a little scary navigating the world of laundry services in NYC and this blog is going to help you to navigate the process. Here are seven things to consider:


1. Does the Laundry Service have a Storefront and Laundromat in NYC?

It is important to recognize that most dry cleaners in NYC do not have their own Laundromat and others are nothing more than an app. These dry cleaners act as a middleman and outsource your laundry to a large  wholesale factory in Brooklyn or Queens. They place your clothes in a mesh bag in the factory and wash them in the same machine as other customers garments. It’s gross, but unfortunately that’s how it’s done by many businesses. Clothing isn’t washed properly and is dried in commercial dryers which operate at very high temperatures. It’s unlikely that there will be a positive result in the event of a missing item, something shrinking, etc.. A storefront conveys a certain level of trust and it cannot be emphasized enough that an on-site Laundromat is extremely important. 

2. How long has the Laundry Service been in Business?

Trust is a very important factor in the laundry business. If the company has a cool app but hasn’t been around for very long, it is an important factor to take into consideration. Also, read the testimonials on their website and on trusted sites like Google.

3. Does the Laundry Service honor Special Requests?

Some of the more important items to think about are a choice of detergent, fabric protector, stain fighter and color/scent booster. The ability to select water/dryer temperature and the ability to choose how you want your clothes folded are also nice features. Pre-treating laundry stains on heavily soiled garments is also a nice option.  Todd Layne Cleaners just released a new laundry menu, click here to view. 

4. Does the Laundry Service offer Hang and Air Drying?

Hang and Air Drying are very popular options to prevent shrinkage and discoloration with  delicates and expensive gym clothes. Hang Dry garments are cleaned in their own washing machine and returned back to the customer damp on hangers. Air Drying is a relatively new service created by Todd Layne Cleaners where garments are cleaned in their own washing machine and placed in a specially calibrated dryer that uses air and no heat. These garments are returned back dry on hangers. Air Drying works especially well on garments from Lululemon and Athleta. 

Some companies with laundry apps will accommodate a very limited number of hang dry items. However, keep in mind that they are generally do not have their own Laundromat.  Air drying is new and most dry cleaners do not offer this option.

5. Do they offer Hypoallergenic or Organic Baby Clothing Laundry Service? 

A service for customers with allergy and chemical sensitivities is something new in NYC. Also, businesses that cater to baby and toddler laundry is becoming very popular. In addition to having washers and dryers dedicated to hypoallergenic laundry, it is important to have selections for unscented detergents and fabric protector, such as those by Seventh Generation, Dreft and Tide.

Todd Layne Cleaners recently launched a service in the Upper East Side of NYC for baby laundry and customers with allergy and chemical sensitivities. Dedicated washers and dryers are used and employees flush out the machines with vinegar between different customers laundry. Dryers are also cleaned with unscented sanitizing wipes. Employees wear gloves at all times during the cleaning  and folding process. To learn more about this service, click here.


6. Do they offer Free Pickup and Delivery in NYC?

Free Pickup and Delivery is a huge convenience, especially for New Yorkers on the go. Lugging a heavy bag of laundry down the street is certainly not appealing. Some laundry companies have a minimum and others charge a fee for this service. The time window is also something to consider, as some laundry companies make you wait at home for up to three hours. Pickups and Deliveries can usually be scheduled with a laundry company website, app or by calling/texting the store.

7. How much do they charge?

Generally speaking, if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it is.  New Yorkers are savvy enough to know that you get what you pay for. If the price per pound is low, your laundry is most likely going to be mixed with other customers clothing and sent to one of the commercial laundry facilities discussed above. Also, many laundry services have very large minimums, meaning that you will end up paying more than the quoted per pound rate. Rates below $2.00 per pound are almost always for laundry services that don’t have their own Laundromat or are mixing customers clothing together.

About Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat

Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat has been trusted in NYC since 2006 and has a physical storefront, Laundromat and Laundry service located at 242 East 77th Street. Todd Layne is also an American Express Favorite. Clothing is never mixed in the same washer/dryer with other customers clothing! Everything is tracked with a surveillance system and bags are weighed before and after being completed. A new menu of unique options is available with choices of premium detergent, stain fighters, color enhancers and scent boosters. Click here to see for yourself. Hang and air drying is also available for gym clothes and delicates with no limit. Garments with stains can be pre-treated with Oxi Clean Laundry Spray for no additional charge. All dry cleaning is 100% Eco-Friendly with gentle steam pressing. Same day service is available.


You’re on a journey towards a stress-free laundry day and we’re here to answer your questions. Call or text us anytime at 646.661.4777. Whether you have a request for a specific detergent or need more information about our delivery service, please feel free to be in touch with us and one of our trained store staff will respond quickly. Welcome to the TLC family!

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