Is There a Good Coin Laundromat on the Upper East Side, NYC?

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Yes, there is a good Laundromat on the Upper East Side, NYC. Our name is Todd Layne Cleaners & Laundromat and we have state-of-the-art coin operated Speed Queen washers and dryers in our Laundromat. Our washing machines are programmed to give you extra wash and rise cycles at a faster rate with a speed of 90G, which means cleaner clothes and less drying time for you. Our dryers are computer controlled to prevent shrinkage so your delicates will stay safe when put through a cycle.

Forget your soap and dryer sheets? No biggie. We offer soap pods and dryer sheets for those who ran out or simply forgot to bring their own. Need a clean place to fold your clothes? We have just the thing! Our Laundromat has tables for folding so that your clothes won’t be wrinkled when you get back to your apartment. Need some extra hangers for your delicate items? Sure! We recycle hundreds of wire hangers every week as a part of our Eco-friendly approach to garment care so sparing a few extras we have is no trouble at all.

So, has our Laundromat convinced you yet? If not, why not stop in and see for yourself?

As an added benefit, ask for one of our Laundromat Loyalty Cards. After ten washes, you will receive the 11th free.

Too lazy to do your own wash? Let us wash it for you with our premium wash & fold service. We promise to never put your clothes in mesh bags, nor will we ever mix your clothes with that of other customers. (Gross, but that’s what most Laundromats do) You also get a choice of soap, softener, water/dryer temp and hang drying for delicates.

Ask for your TLC Loyalty Card, which gives you a free wash after ten washes. This is not a trick but rather our way of introducing our wash & fold service to you. Did we mention that we also offer free pick up and delivery in NYC? Why not try us out?

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