How much should Wash and Fold Laundry Cost in NYC?

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How much should Wash and Fold Laundry cost in NYC?

Prices of Wash and Fold, also referred to as Laundry, Fluff and Fold or just Laundromat, range from .99 cents to $5.00 per pound. This may seem astonishing but the huge difference in prices from different Laundry’s  just represents what is happening to your clothing and how it is getting treated. This is a behind the scenes look at the shocking differences in what you get at different price points.

Dani Ofsink – Answering your Questions…

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dani Ofsink and I am a student at Penn State. I work as an Intern on researching the Laundry Industry for Todd Layne Cleaners and helping to increase visibility on the most common questions that people are looking for answers on. My email is at the bottom of this blog if you would like to get in touch.

For firm believers in “You get what you pay for”:

$1.25 per pound or less

$1.25 per pound is a better way of saying your clothing is taken and combined with a bunch of other peoples things to an unknown place washed with unknown substances…not sure about you but that does not sound good to me. Sending out your laundry to get cleaned and it coming back wondering where that sock or shirt went? Sounds like it must be with that other persons dirty laundry it was “washed” with. Maybe you got all of your clothing back but that does not mean it was washed using mesh bags to separate your clothing they can quickly wash everyones clothing together and save money. Now your clothing is being washed with random peoples dirty clothing and you have no idea where its been. Dryers are industrial strength at very high temperatures to dry clothing as quickly as possible, but the result is shrinkage and fabric damage.

$1.75 to $2.75 per pound

$1.75-$2.75 per pound describes a laundry service that may intrigue you since it’s possible they do the laundry in their storefront, but do not be fooled since your clothing may still be washed with other peoples. Beware, this can also be laundry services that are all online. They have great websites and make it sound so easy for you since it is picked up in a truck and given back and all web-based but do you really trust this? You should not. These online laundry services outsource your wash to industrial factories in Queens and your clothing is cleaned with cheap soaps and dryers with high heat, which shrinks your stuff. They have no storefronts or presence in NYC, just a bunch of vans driving around with bags of dirty laundry. One example is LaundryHeap. Many of these services want to work with us on a wholesale basis, but we’re dedicated to only doing quality work.

$2.99 to $5.00 per pound

$2.99-$5.00 per pound gives you a reliable, trustworthy, clean laundry service. They wash in their own storefront, not mixing their customers clothes and you will know what your clothing is being washed with and dried in clean dryers on a reasonable temperature.

Is $3.00 too much to pay for laundry?

Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat charges $2.99 per pound for walk-in customers and $3.29 per pound for delivery customers… plus free delivery throughout NYC.

Some people may think it is expensive but at Todd Layne Cleaners, we are actually the lowest price NYC option in the this premium category.  Our prices represent our quality, reliability and having your laundry done your way. We do your laundry in our own renovated Laundromat located on the Upper East Side of NYC at 242 and 244 East 77th Street.

Extras for $3.00 per pound and up…

Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat provides many free add-on options (Premium Detergents, Stain Remover, Color Booster, Fabric Protector, Scent Enhancer, Laundry Sanitizer) to choose from to make your laundry smell, look, and feel exactly how you prefer. Air Drying or Hang Drying for gym gear or delicates, no problem. Special folding method, no problem. Detergent or other cleaning product that we don’t stock, no problem. We are happy to follow all of a customer’s special requests.

Extra Wash Cycles & Preventing Shrinkage

Our Dryers are computer controlled with lower temperatures to prevent shrinkage and damage (this slows down our process, but we think it’s worth it.) Extra wash and rinse cycles are always included for the cleanest possible laundry. We also have an enhanced laundry option for baby laundry and a hypoallergenic option for clients with allergy and chemical sensitivities.

Cleanliness and Cutting Corners

We are always making sure our Washers, Dryers and all other touch-points are cleaned thoroughly with our specialized cleaning process multiple times a day. Staff wear gloves and masks at all times. There is no need to ever worry about your clothing going missing or being mixed with someone else’s because honestly we think that is as gross as you think it is. Lots of time is spent to make sure our customers get the clean clothes they deserve exactly how they want them!  There are lots of shortcuts to save money in this industry…and we don’t follow any of them. Experience what we call LaundryLayne, your laundry done just the way your mom would do it, except that you have to pay us 🙂

Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat is the leader in the laundry space in NYC. Family owned and trusted since 2006 with average staff tenure of 10 years, feel comfortable giving us a try. If you use a different laundry provider, make sure that they follow some of the procedures that we talk about in this blog for the cleanest clothing.

How do you use a Wash and Fold Laundry Service in NYC?

If you’re new to NYC or just not familiar with sending out your Wash and Fold, I wrote another blog about what you need to know when bringing your laundry somewhere or having it picked up and delivered for the first time. For some thought-provoking tips on how to use a Wash and Fold laundry service, click here.

How much does it cost to do your own laundry in a NYC Laundromat?

Another option is to do your own laundry at a NYC Laundromat. This is probably going to be your cheapest option and there are many Laundromats to choose from in NYC. Prices can range from about $3.00 to $7.00 for a two-load washer to $8.00 to $12.00 for a four-load washer. At Todd Layne Cleaners, we have a Laundromat that is open to the public for self-serve washing during our normal business hours.

Many people ask if it is safe to leave your laundry unattended in a NYC Laundromat. I would say to be careful and check to see if it is always attended and whether they have video cameras recording the interior. If so, it’s probably a little safer.


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