How Does a NYC Dry Cleaner prevent Lost Socks?

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How Does a NYC Dry Cleaner prevent Lost Socks?

It’s not easy for a NYC Dry Cleaners to keep track of its customer’s Wash & Fold. Todd Layne Cleaners has a sophisticated system in place to keep track of all our customer’s Wash & Fold orders. Most places put your garments in a mesh bag and place a few of those mesh bags into the same machine and wash them together, which in my opinion is pretty gross.

We use individual machines for each customer, ensuring that none of your garments are mixed with anyone else’s. In the event you bring us a large order, we designate specific machines to wash your garments and link them together so that everything stays together. This also applies when you give us hang dries since those garments require special care and attention. Here at Todd Layne Cleaners, we believe that people shouldn’t have to take a bubble bath with strangers hence why we go the extra mile to ensure that doesn’t happen with your garments.

We also use computer generated invoice numbers and tracking numbers. Each total order is given a unique invoice number and laundry bags are given a 3-digit tracking number. Both sets of numbers are linked to one another so that it’s easy to see which bags belong to which customer. As an additional precaution, we have video cameras strategically placed throughout our Laundromat, just in case we ever need to review prior orders. This also applies to our Dry Cleaning process.

As always we honor all special requests such as your choice of premium soap, water temperature, dryer temperature, and hang dries. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call our store or send us an email at [email protected].

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