From the Chronicles of Todd Layne Cleaners, Upper East Side, NYC…. “Help! I had a brunch disaster and need to remove a maple syrup stain!”

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This Is Eric, one of the new writers, and Assistant Social Media Director on the Todd Layne Dry Cleaning team:

Last weekend I had brunch with my girlfriend at one of the many great restaurants here in New York City’s Upper East Side and while gorging ourselves with pancakes and scrambled eggs, she accidentally got some maple syrup on her beautiful gray skirt. Immediately, she looked at me and said that I definitely know what’s best in these kinds of situations and rather than decide to sulk over spilt syrup she let me get to work. Using what I’ve learned from working at Todd Layne Cleaners, Upper East Side, NYC,  NY, 10021, I asked the waiter for some club soda and a napkin. While club soda may seem like an odd stain remover to most people, it’s actually known fairly well by some homemakers as a great way to save their precious garments from atrocious stains when conventional garment cleaners aren’t handy. According to an article I once read on, the carbonation process used in making club soda adds a little bit of carbonic acid in the water making it slightly more acidic than plain water. Also, depending on what brand of club soda you use, it may contain tiny amounts of minerals such as salt in it as well. This makes club soda a great way to rid your precious garments of mortifying stains while lowering the risk of actually damaging or wearing away the garment. Additionally, the bubbles in the water may help to manually “lift” the stain from the garment when applied correctly.

So the first thing I did was dip part of the napkin into the club soda allowing it to soak. Then, with permission from my girlfriend of course, I discreetly reached under her skirt and dabbed the stain with the napkin from behind. This method helps “push” the sticky maple syrup out from the point of entry, letting the bubbles in the water gently “lift” what may have clung onto the garment’s fibers. I did this for about 3 minutes before soaking the tip of the napkin once more and applying it from beneath the stain. After reapplying more club soda I wiped away what was left of the maple syrup from the outside of the skirt. The only thing that was left was the wet mark that the club soda left behind. Once the mark dried after a few minutes, it’s like the disaster never happened.

So if you’re ever having brunch and you find yourself in the same situation as my girlfriend and I, don’t panic. I highly recommend you try this method of stain removal at your own discretion so long as you don’t mind looking like you spilled some water on yourself for a few minutes after the deed is done.

Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat is happy to provide these great tips for you, but please note we are not responsible for any damaged clothes. We offer these tips as a suggestion, so please use at your own discretion.

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