Free Delivery and Limited Time Discount

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Free Delivery and Limited Time Discount Offer


Upper East Side

You have two options. The first “On Demand” is a free and fast 30 minute delivery window powered by DoorDash or our local courier. If you have more time and would like to help us reduce our carbon footprint, choose our free “Standard Pickup” eco-friendly option (great for clients in doorman buildings,) which is available weekdays between 12pm and 3pm. Place an Order Now.

All Other Neighborhoods of NYC

Free and fast 30 minute delivery window powered by DoorDash or our local courier. Place an Order Now.

Please note that we have a minimum $40 for free delivery in all neighborhoods.

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Updated Hours

Due to customer demand, our new updated are 9am to 7pm Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday. Place an Order Now.

Enhanced Cleaning

We have decided to maintain all of the new Laundromat cleaning procedures that were instituted during Covid. The following is a list of the enhanced cleaning procedures:

  • Our entire Laundromat is being sanitized with disinfectant multiple times a day. This includes washers, dryers, floor and folding tables. All high touch objects such as washer/dryer handles, doorknobs, buttons, etc. are also being sanitized throughout the day.
  • Masks are being  worn by all laundry staff.
  • Masks and gloves are requested to be worn by all delivery staff. If you would like your clothes to be picked up and delivered from the outside of your door, we are happy to accommodate no contact pickup and delivery.
  • Vinegar is being used to flush out washing machines throughout the day.
  • Dryers are being cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day.
  • Hand Sanitizer is to be used by employees after folding each individual load of laundry, whether or not the employee has left their station.
  • Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is available at no extra charge for customers. In addition to reducing odors for gym gear, this product kills 99.9% of bacteria in laundry. It is safe for whites and darks.
  • In addition to employees wearing gloves when handling soiled garments, disposable gloves are now being used for folding clean laundry.
  • A new video surveillance system has been installed to ensure that all policy’s are followed carefully.
  • Dry Clean garments are being treated with an anti-bacterial agent to kill germs.

Our Stores at 242 & 244 East 77th St.

Our store and Laundromat are open to the public and located at 242 and 244 East 77th Street. You can drop off your laundry and dry cleaning or even do your own laundry in our renovated Laundromat. Walk-In customers always receive the best pricing and special monthly offers. Stop by and say hi to our team and take a tour of our operation.

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Special Requests

We store all of your preferences and special requests in our system to make it as simple as possible for you. The Care Preferences section of our website tool allows you to select from a choice of premium detergent, stain fighter, fabric protector and scent booster…and give us any special instructions. Whether you create an account online or by phone/text, we will always keep your information up to date.

Keeping You Informed

We will send you text notifications throughout the process, from the time that you place your order until it is delivered back to you. If you are using our new online platform, you will receive notifications about the status of your order and be able to arrange for return delivery. If you live in a Doorman building and prefer to receive fewer communications, we can accommodate that as well

Waiting List – Laundry Customers

Our services have become quite popular on the Upper East Side. They are unique and detail-oriented with many choices and special options for laundry like air drying for gym gear and delicates. At times, we have a waiting list for new delivery customers. Text or call us to find out at 646.661.4777 and we will give you a quick answer.


You’re on a journey towards a stress-free laundry day and we’re here to answer your questions. Check our FAQ section or call/text us anytime at 646.661.4777. Whether you have a request for a specific detergent or need more information about our delivery service, please feel free to be in touch with us and one of our trained store staff will respond quickly. Welcome to the TLC family!

Place an Order Now with Todd Layne Cleaners

Follow us @toddlaynecleaners on Instagram to receive even more great discounts! 

Best Wishes for Good Health!
Todd L. Ofsink, Founder and CEO, Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat

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Todd Layne Cleaners & Laundromat – Laundryheap

Todd Layne Cleaners & Laundromat is located at 242 E 77th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with free pickup and delivery throughout Manhattan. Comparison – Laundryheap is solely a technology platform that outsources all laundry and dry cleaning orders to local cleaners. Laundryheap does not have any staff on the ground in New York and uses independent contractors to pickup and deliver orders.. Trust Todd Layne Cleaners & Laundromat, we have been in business since 2006…looking forward to working with you!