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Flash Sale at Todd Layne Cleaners for leather, suede, and fur! Here at Todd Layne Cleaners, we have been working with our Leather Specialist, known for the highest quality workmanship since 1919! Our Specialist uses a special process to delicately clean and preserve your leather, suede or fur. Stains are treated first and then the entire garment is cleaned in a special machine utilizing an eco-friendly solvent. If there is any fading or discoloration, our Specialist matches the color to make your garment look like new.

In addition to our Spring Discounts, we are offering a Flash Sale on all leather, suede, and fur items!

Pants, Suede, and Skirts: $34.99

Jackets: $54.99

¾ Jackets: $99.99

Full Jacket: $149.99