Does Your Dry Cleaner Have a Spotter? Todd Layne Cleaner’s Does!

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Todd Layne Cleaners defines the role of a spotter in the dry cleaning process…

Have you ever had the misfortune of getting a stain on your expensive silk tie and not being able to get it out? If so, I am sure your first reaction was to try and rub it out with water. When you do this, you are doing more damage, water could make your tie pucker and become discolored. Remember water is the enemy to silk! We recommend to leave the stain alone and act quickly by going to your local dry cleaners (for those of you in Manhattan we hope your local cleaners is Todd Layne Cleaners) and having it treated by their Spotter. We hate to say it but the average dry cleaner puts it in their dry cleaning machine and hopes for the best.  We are one of the few cleaners who have a Spotter, so if you are not using us (which we hope that will change) then please make sure to ask your cleaners if they do in fact have a Spotter. If you wondering what exactly is a Spotter, a Spotter is a Certified Specialist that is experienced in the safest techniques to remove all stains, including oils, ink, food, blood, perspiration, water rings, grass stains, etc. So if you are using our services, once you get the tie to us we will mark the spot and have our Spotter professional treat the silk stain. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the stain will be completely removed; it is all based on how quickly you get the tie to us and how much the stain has bonded to the fibers. Stains on silk can be the trickiest of stains and sometimes hard to completely remove.  But we will definitely try our hardest and only use the best to treat your silk stain. If you have any questions regarding this process or any other questions please leave a comment below and we will make sure to answer your question. Contact us at [email protected].

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