Disrupting the Laundry Industry in NYC

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Disrupting the Laundry Industry in NYC – An Introduction

Disrupting the Laundry Industry in NYC…Why disrupt an industry that has seen so little change over the past 200+ years? The first washing machine was invented in 1782 after all. 

15+ years ago I realized that the laundry and dry cleaning industry had not evolved or kept pace with other industries. These other industries had transformed themselves to adapt to evolving customer behavior. While people don’t want to spend their time on laundry, they do want everything customized for them. The internet has provided this customization and also allowed access to facts and figures that customers would never have stumbled upon in the past. For example, 70% of dirt on your clothes is invisible. Did you know that most people perspire about 6 litres of sweat a day?  Fragrance sensitivities are on the rise and Astronauts incinerate their undies!

The Next Wave of Laundry and Dry Cleaning

As you think about the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) and all the analytics and data available at your finger tips, there is a new way to disrupt laundry and dry cleaning in ways that are very relevant to customers all across the world. Increasing numbers of people are outsourcing their laundry while the focus on dry cleaning has decreased due to the workplace moving to business casual. However, this just opened a door to think about the industry differently… introduce the next wave of dry cleaning and laundry with customization and adaptability top of mind to meet today’s customer needs. 

Step 1 – Engagement and Differentiation

Evolution of an industry is key to not only survival, but success. Laundry detergent was invented due to a shortage of soap back in World War I and today is a multi-billion dollar industry. At Todd Layne Cleaners, we allow customers to customize every aspect of their laundry and dry cleaning, allowing for a truly differentiated experience. The business model starts from the very first interaction with our customers whether it be brick and mortar store front, phone, tablet or physical marketing material. We engage with our customers differently to capture their attention and keep them engaged. Engagement is Step 1 in this differentiated model. 

Step 2 – Customization and Flexibility

Once we have a customer engaged we move on to Step 2 where we offer customization and flexibility to meet and exceed their expectations through our app, website, over the phone or face to face interaction. A customer can choose  everything from the type of soap, water temperature, stain fighters, fabric protector, scent booster, dryer heat level, hang/air dry, how you want your clothing separated, folding preferences, and finally just about anything else your heart desires. In other words, almost any special request can be handled. 

Step 3 – Quality Control

Step 3 is something that often gets overlooked and one of the most important steps that frustrates many customers and that is quality control. Did you ever take out a shirt and start putting it on and all of a sudden you notice a button missing and the rage ensues! Every garment whether laundered or dry cleaned goes through a rigorous quality control check to ensure you get to wear the outfit you planned on. Therefore, you never get caught with your pants down!

Step 4 – Free Pickup and Delivery

Convenience is top of mind for the most discerning customers and that’s where Step 4 comes in with free pickup and delivery. Time is money and we don’t want to waste anyone’s time….

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