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Can I be allergic to my detergent?

Sneezing? Have a itchy red rash? Ever think it could be your new “amazing” detergent you just bought? Or could it be after wearing the clothes you dropped off to a dry cleaners where you are not sure what they used to wash your clothes? Or just some summer allergies?

All are possible causes which is why at Todd Layne Cleaners we wash and dry your clothing in our own laundromat on the Upper East side of NYC where you can customize what you want your clothing to be washed with!

What to wash my clothes in when I am allergic to my laundry detergent?

I’m sure this is what your search bar in Google said when you were in a panic of how you were now going to wash your clothes. So here are tips to make sure that it never happens again:

  • When choosing your new laundry detergent look at ones free of phosphates and avoid if they have perfumes or dye. One detergent that we use for our clients is Seventh Generation Free and Clear.
  • Clean your washing machine thoroughly, vinegar is what we use, to keep it free of harmful chemicals and ensure there is no residue from the last cycle.
  • Make sure that surfaces are sanitized where you are folding your clothing.

Want someone else to do the work for you?

Your clothing will be in good hands at Todd Layne Cleaners where have dedicated specific washers and dryers just for YOU! We use unscented Eco-Friendly cleaning products and clean our machines with vinegar as they are flushed out without detergent beforehand. Our staff wear special gloves and masks for the entire process. 

and the best part… this service is only 99 cents per pound extra.

We know no one wants to be allergic to that best smelling detergent but we are here to tell you we can make you feel clean without using that! And it gets even better, we offer free delivery in NYC.

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