An Explanation of the Wedding Dress Cleaning Process by Todd Layne Cleaners

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An Explanation of the Wedding Dress Cleaning Process by Todd Layne Cleaners

Wedding Season, as you know is upon us and very few know where to go when your beautiful wedding gown needs to be cleaned and possibly preserved. Luckily, Todd Layne Cleaners and Laundromat offers the perfect solution for all your Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation needs!

So what exactly is the method we use when we clean your prized wedding gown? First and foremost, we carefully and meticulously inspect the dress for any stains or dirt that need to be treated, unlike any other wedding dress cleaner. Once all areas that require attention are noted, our specialist gently spot-treats them by hand to ensure that the affected areas will be clean once the process is complete. This method may take as long as three days to complete depending on the severity and quantity of the stains that are found.

The next step in the process is the set-up for the thorough cleaning of the entire dress. We only use virgin solvents when cleaning your dress and for this we need to make sure our special cleaning machine, used only for this purpose, is free and clean of any remaining solvents from the last garments that were cleaned. Good quality work takes time and we like to ensure the safety of the dress. Once preparations are complete, we then place the dress inside the machine where it is put through an extremely delicate cleaning process. Once the cycle is done, the dress is then inspected for any remaining stains or dirt build up that may have not been removed. If that is the case, the process is redone.

Once the dress has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Our specialist then gently steams the entire dress by hand, making sure that any wrinkles are removed from the cleaning process. This is a time-consuming process, given that the steaming is done by hand and certain wrinkles take time to come out due to the fact that we use the lowest steaming level possible.

After the cleaning process has been completed you have the choice of getting back the dress on a hanger or having it placed inside a special acid-free preservation box. The box helps keep the dress fresh and preserved for however long you intend to store it.

A wedding dress is something that is very precious and sentimental to anyone. No one should ever have to worry about whom to trust to clean it. So, for that reason, we have designed our special wedding dress cleaning process so that each dress is taken care of with the utmost quality and care to exceed your expectations. We assure you that no other wedding dress cleaners can be as reliable as Todd Layne Cleaners!

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