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Todd L Ofsink, Founder and CEO

When I passed by two empty storefronts on 77th Street in early 2006, it occurred to me that there was a definite need for Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning and customized Laundry offerings. It also never made sense to me that Dry Cleaners were not open late or on Sundays. I had worked in the consulting world at McKinsey and Company, so I had a good idea how to develop the concept, business plan and financials for a new company.

I spent several months shadowing owners in neighborhood Dry Cleaners and asking as many questions as possible. I made a list which contained everything that I thought could be improved and entirely new services. Many buildings in New York City do not have washers and dryers and it seemed that people would be willing to pay a little more to be able to choose from premium detergents, softeners and stain fighters. Offering the choice of water/dryer temperature and the ability to hang/air dry gym clothing and delicates sweetened the pot a little more.

Researching the current Dry Cleaning solvents at the time revealed that most garments were being cleaned with a toxic chemical called Perc. This chemical was found to be a carcinogen in the state of California. Some new technologies were emerging and I decided to be one of the first to offer Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning and garments that were finished with gentle steam instead of a hot iron.

When I approached the Landlord of the building on 77th Street about leasing the two empty storefronts, he told me that I had no experience and would never make it. I persisted and sent him my resume, competitive advantages and complete business plan on several occasions.

The Landlord told me that he appreciated my persistence to create the best Dry Cleaner and would be willing to give me a ten year lease for the storefronts. On August 11th, 2006, we partially opened our doors to the public I use the word “partially” because various city agencies made it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary certifications to allow Con Edison to turn on the  natural gas for our brand new washers and dryers.

Todd Layne Cleaners became profitable in the first three months and a friend of mine approached me about opening a second location on the West Side. We subsequently became partners in a second location on Ninth Avenue. We sold this location approximately three years later after the Landlord made us an offer that we couldn’t refuse to exit the space.

Thinking back to 2006, it is almost comical that it was essential to have a “212” phone number and be listed in the Yellow Pages. This was one of the main means of communication and right at the start of the Internet being used as a marketing tool.

Our service offerings have expanded and we now offer a laundry (wash and fold) menu with additional choices. We also offer leather/suede cleaning, tailoring, Barbour jacket reproofing, Canada Goose cleaning and Moncler cleaning. Our Laundromat is on-site and we do not outsource your garments.

Pickup and Delivery is free throughout the Upper East Side (minimums apply outside this area in NYC) and can be scheduled by phone/text at 646.661.4777, email at [email protected], registering for an account here or with the Todd Layne Cleaners app.Same Day Service is available.

Today, we have grown and serve all of Manhattan. I strive to continuously improve our service offerings and stay up to date with technological advances to remain relevant with your lifestyle, maximize convenience and save you time.

In memory of my father, I strive to always live and operate this business according to the common set of principles that he lived by…honesty, integrity, respect, hard work and good will.

I hope that you enjoy all of your services and believe that when you clean well…you feel well!

Todd L Ofsink,  Founder and CEO

Todd Layne Cleaners, the affordable Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner and Premium Wash & Fold and Laundry specialist, is located at 242 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075, serving all of the Upper East Side of NYC. Coin Laundromat and Luggage Storage available in store. Free Pickup and Delivery with same day service throughout Upper East SIde…open late and Sunday.  Call or Text 646.661.4777 to schedule a pickup or online here