100% Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning, Customized Wash and Fold, and On-Premise Laundromat

At Todd Layne Cleaners of the Upper East Side, we take pride in calling ourselves New York City’s Most Affordable Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner and Customizable Wash and Fold Specialist. We consider the impact our industry has on the environment, while providing you with the highest quality garment cleaning services. Our on-premise newly renovated Laundromat features energy-efficient washers with high-speed extraction (reduces drying time) and LED lighting. We offer multiple scent-free and natural soaps, including Seventh Generation with air and hang dry options. Feel free to drop-off your hangers and we will recycle them.

Same-Day Service available for Dry Cleaning and Wash and Fold. ..No Extra Charge

Free Pickup and Delivery throughout the Upper East Side

Find out more about our Green Cleaning services and pricing below.

Our Services

Wash and Fold Customized for You
Dry Cleaning 100% Eco-Friendly
Sneaker Cleaning
Pickup and Delivery 7 days A Week
Tailoring and Alterations
Leather, Suede and Wedding Dress Cleaning
Wholesale Cleaning Services for Business
Barbour Jacket Reproofing

Pricing (We’re The Most Affordable Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner in NYC— Check Around!)

Wash and Fold

Customized for you on our premises…choice of soap, softener, extra wash/rinse cycles & hang/air dry option. Your clothes are never mixed with someone elses dirty stuff.
1.79/lb Wash and Fold (minimum 10 pounds)

Free Premium Soap – Tide, Gain, or 7th Gen

Free Fabric Softener – Gain, Downy or Bounce

Free Stain Fighter – Oxi Clean Max or Clorox2

Free Scent Booster – Gain or Downy

Free Extra Wash and Rinse Cycles

2.99 Separate Machines for Lights and Darks

29¢ Hang Dry or Air Dry per item

19.99 Mattress Pads – Wash and Sanitize

21.99 Heavy Duvet Cover – Wash and Sanitize

9.99 – 49.99 Blankets – Wash and Sanitize*

29.99 – 39.99 Comforters – Wash and Sanitize*

4.99 – 19.99 Bathroom Rugs – Wash and Sanitize*

74.99 Pillow Tops – Wash and Sanitize

19.99 Sheets – Wash and Press

22.99 Duvet Cover – Wash and Press

5.99 Pillowcase – Wash and Press

6.99 Pillow Sham – Wash and Press


Washed with natural soaps, pre-treated in collar/cuffs and delicate steam pressing. Cuff studs, collar guard, and collar stays provided.
2.99 Shirt on Hanger – Wash and Press

3.49 Shirt in Box – Wash and Press

Leather, Suede, and Fur

Our experienced leather specialist (known for the highest quality workmanship since 1919) can clean and store your fine leather, fur, and wedding dresses.
49.99 Leather/Suede Pants, Skirt, or Shirt

79.99 Leather/Suede/Fur Jacket

139.99 Leather/Suede/Fur 3/4 Jacket

179.99 Leather/Suede/Fur Full Jacket

Green Dry Cleaning

Two eco-friendly green dry cleaning methods, exceptional stain removal, no chemical smell, bright colors, and delicate steam pressing.
8.99 Shirt or Blouse

8.99 Jeans, Pants, or Skirt

8.99 Tie

8.99 Sweater

9.99 Jacket/Blazer

9.99 Scarf

9.99 Cashmere/Silk Sweater

14.99 Dress or Long Sweater

15.99 2 Piece Suit

17.99 Pleated Skirt

17.99 Long Scarf or Shawl

19.99 Silk Dress

21.99 Tuxedo

23.99 Short Coat or Jacket

27.99 Pleated Dress

27.99 Rain Jacket

28.99 Long Coat/Jacket or Wintercoat

28.99 Down Coat

28.99 Tablecloth

69.99 Down or Regular Comforter

9.99 – 49.99 Blankets – Wash and Sanitize*

59.99 – 499.99 Floor Rugs*

349.99 – 699.99 Wedding Dress*

*Prices based upon size and material, ask counter person for additional information.