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UES Laundry and Dry Cleaning Open Late and Saturday – Todd Layne Cleaners

UES Laundry and Dry Cleaning Open Late and Sunday at Todd Layne Cleaners. We’ve been delighting our customers since 2006. Free pickup and delivery available seven days a week. Call/Text your request to 646.661.4777 or download our app.

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2017 Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Hours at Todd Layne Cleaners

Here are the 2017 Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Hours at Todd Layne Cleaners…

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How To Increase Your Garments’ Longevity

Ever wonder how to make your clothes last longer? Spending a lot on clothing that fades and frays quickly is a bummer. Learn how to increase your garments’ longevity with these tips:

Keep washer and dryer tem peratures low. High temperatures can ruin the elastic in fabrics and waistbands and cause colors to lift prematurely. […]

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Todd Layne Cleaners FAQs

Where do you do your Wash and Fold?
All of our Wash and Fold is done on premise. We have surveillance cameras so that we can track your order every step of the way. Your clothing is weighed before and after we wash it to confirm the correct weight.
Do you put my wash in the same […]

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Todd Layne Cleaners Services

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Regular Dry Cleaning Linked To Cancer


DID YOU KNOW: 80% of dry cleaners in NYC use Perc to clean your clothes? Perc has been linked to various types of cancer, including leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A penny spent on cheap dry cleaning is two pennies spent on healthcare later on. Eco-friendly dry cleaning is just as effective as traditional methods, and […]

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Todd Layne Cleaners Making Headlines Again


Todd Layne Cleaners making headlines again… American Dry Cleaner Magazine got wind of our collaboration with well-respected Italian bespoke men’s clothing and shoe designer Senza Rivali. Each suit and shoe is customized to fit its wearer like a glove and designed to their preferences.

To read our news article, click here.

Todd Layne Cleaners, the affordable Green […]

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Calling All Upper East Side Sneakerheads: Todd Layne Cleaners of NYC Will Make Your Kicks Fresh As New

Todd Layne Cleaners is now offering Sneaker Cleaning. We use a unique process that is customized to best suit the material of your sneakers. Our exclusive formula brings out the vibrancy of your shoes, while eliminating odors and dirt. For shoes with minor scuffing and dirt, we recommend the $12.99 Gentle Surface Clean & Deodorize. […]

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Todd Layne Cleaners Does Baby and Toddler Wash and Fold

Todd Layne Cleaners does Baby and Toddler Wash and Fold. We have extensive experience with delicate baby clothing, and are trusted by hospitals. We have provided Laundering for the Lenox Hill Neonatal Unit for many years. We know that your baby’s skin is sensitive and needs extra care. Therefore, we only use Dreft, which retains […]

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Dry Cleaner Near Me UES// Todd Layne Cleaners

Looking for a Dry Cleaner near me on the UES? We welcome you to the Upper East Side’s most convenient Dry Cleaner, Todd Layne Cleaners. Our newly renovated interior is sure to charm you. We offer gentle, Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning that minimizes garment damage, retains color, and has no chemical residue or smell. We aren’t called […]

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